Visiting Residents in the Park

Oct 21, 2020

For some time, only family members have been able to visit residents in the independent living area of Settlers Park, and in the Care Centre.  With the reduction in the national Covid-19 alert level, we are now allowing friends to visit as well.

We are still required to keep a record of who has come into the Park, so please let us know when you are planning to visit and bring your driver’s license (if you are driving the vehicle) or your ID document (if you are a passenger) so that these can be scanned at the gate.  Please contact Reception (046 604 0200) in advance of your visit.  Please wear a mask and practice hand hygiene and social distancing while visiting.

If you are visiting from out of town and would like to stay over in our well-appointed Trust Cottages, that can be arranged.  Please see “The Village” – “Visitor Accommodation” on this website for details of the facilities available and contact details for booking.

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