As it is such a special event, we’re going to celebrate our Anniversary for 30 weeks!

Each week the Talk of the Town hosts our 30 Years of Histories article where we are sharing the history of some of our Residents. There is such a vast selection of interesting backgrounds – the countries they have travelled to or lived in; the mechanical and technological advances they have lived through.

We also have Residents with fascinating careers… lawyers, teachers, housewives, farmers, a secretary to a foreign diplomat, pharmacists, civil engineers, water engineers, mechanical engineers – engineers of all sorts, managers, nurses, veterans, pharmaceutical researchers, accountants and CEO’s. We even have a pilot, a judge and two mayors!

To add a little ‘sweetness’ to the celebrations, we have a Cake of the Week each Tuesday in our new Restaurant, the Hibiscus Room. The Restaurant opened on 20 May this year and provides our Residents with a delicious variety of meals that are enjoyed in a beautiful venue.

The Hibiscus Room and The Trading Post, the latter which opened on Wednesday, 9 November are services which are offered exclusively to our Residents and Association Members and their guests.