Taking care of necessities and a bit of retail therapy

When it comes to shopping, you’ll find Port Alfred provides easy access to a variety of shops that cater for every need. You’ll find a hive of retailers and restaurants in the local town, as well at both Heritage Mall and Rosehill Mall.

Shopping in Port Alfred

Although small, Port Alfred is a delightful town with many amenities. There are well stocked supermarkets, computer outlets, cellphone providers, hairdressers, clothing, scrapbooking equipment as well as other shops catering for most of one’s basic needs. There are also a number of cafes, coffee shops and restaurants.

For those with green fingers, there are nurseries in Port Alfred, Bathurst and Kenton-on-Sea to keep your garden growing.

Twice a week, the Settlers Park Retirement Village bus takes residents to town to do shopping. The town has Pick n Pay, Spar, Clicks pharmacy, clothing and home retailers as well as specialist stores.

Pick n Pay, Spar and Leach Pharmacy also offer a daily delivery service direct to your home.

Shopping in Bathurst

Just 10km way is the charming village of Bathurst, boasting the oldest pub in South Africa, The Pig and Whistle, along with a well-known potter and other intriguing stores.

Trust Shop at Settlers Park

The Trust Shop offers all kinds of secondhand knick-knacks, clothing, appliances and furniture items. Proceeds go the Settlers Park Association Trust.

For the keen gardener, there is compost, potting soil, mulch and garden pots for sale. Garden Services will deliver your purchases directly to your door.

Hibiscus Room at Settlers Park

Not only does the Hibiscus Room offer a delivery service of its delicious meals, it also provides a mini-store providing essentials like milk and bread as well as home-baked treats.

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