Meet the team

Warm smiles & kind words

At Settlers Park Retirement Village, we are committed to providing facilities and opportunities for our residents that allow them to pursue a safe, active, comfortable and engaged lifestyle in pleasant surrounds. This is made possible by the Village Team that is made up by a diverse group of caring individuals.

Governing Body

Our Governing Body (Board) makes sure the Village is expertly managed and is represented by a general manager who oversees all our operations. Board Members are nominated and can only be elected by the members of the Association (residents). Associate Members (non-residents) are also elected to the Board as full voting members.

The Board

Left to right:
Ted Gilfillan (Vice Chairman), Richard Laing (Co-opted), Claire Fraser, Jo Rice (Finance Director), Brian (Bugs) Wilmot (Chairman), John Moss

Derek Thompson (GM), Rob Crothall

Phyl Russell

Heads of departments

From left to right:

  • Erica Botha (Care Manager)
  • Irene Marais (Systems & Admin Manager)
  • Derek Thompson (General Manager)
  • Sue Croukamp (Sales Manager)
  • Clarah Chidemo (Accounts Manager)
  • Johan Wolmarans (Facilities Manager)
  • Kittie Joubert (Human Resources Manager).

We have a variety of teams that ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations.

Sales and marketing

Our sales and marketing department play a pivotal role in the financial wellbeing of the organisation, ensuring Settlers Park Retirement Village is marketed effectively, helping us find new residents who will feel right at home in our Village.

This department manages all sales and marketing activities as well as makes sure potential buyers are kept up to date with the details of available cottages.



This team is responsible for the total maintenance and repair of Settlers Park Retirement Village, ensuring residents can enjoy their homes and all our facilities to the fullest. This includes all buildings, communal gardens, roads and signage, equipment and vehicles.

The team also ensures that facilities such as electricity, water, sewage, drainage and refuse removal are taken care of.


Our finance team is responsible for obtaining, managing and planning of the budget expenditure of funds on various assets and services, ensuring efficient financial and risk management.

Not only is this necessary to support all business activities, it also ensures the financial wellbeing of Settlers Park Retirement Village in service of our residents.


Our catering team looks after the Hibiscus Restaurant, ensuring great service and tasty meals for our residents and their guests and they also cater all meals for the Care Centre.

Menus are compiled monthly and published in our local Silver Threads newsletter.  The Care Centre menu is also evaluated by a professional dietician every month.


Services & Communication

Our services and communication department co-ordinates all official communication, including in-house publications, to residents and the public, ensuring everyone is kept up to date with the latest happenings at Settlers Park Retirement Village.

The team also looks after secretarial duties, systems administration, communications software and resident transport requirements.


An interdisciplinary team that ensures we deliver the best care possible to our residents.

Our occupational therapist, social worker and nurses work together to formulate and implement a care plan for each resident to help them get the most out of life. They are supported by an administration team as well as a housekeeping team.