Care Centre at Settlers Park

Tailored care for a thriving community

At Settlers Park Retirement Village, we believe that retirement is a time to thrive and live a full and vibrant life. We understand the unique healthcare challenges and needs experienced by some of our residents. Which is why we work collaboratively with residents and their families to overcome or manage these challenges.

We take a holistic, person-centered and interdisciplinary approach to our residents’ wellbeing, helping them maintain autonomy, dignity and vitality for as long as possible. We want them to feel safe, cared for and valued.

The Care Centre

The Care Centre is comfortably appointed and well-equipped to provide both longer term frail-care and shorter-term sick-bay facilities.

Designed to create a more homely and welcoming environment, the Care Centre has over 30 suites with private bathrooms. Larger communal bathrooms are also available to assist residents who need help with their daily activities. 

The sick-bay facilities allow us to minimise hospital admissions and accommodate and rehabilitate residents post-operatively, assisting in their recuperation and recovery. So that they can get back to their Village lifestyles quickly.

When it comes to managing age-related diseases, such as dementia, we take an integrative approach. This ensures affected residents remain part of the community while getting the specific care they need.

Our professional nurses share a wealth of knowledge and experience, including geriatric and palliative care, and provide round the clock care.

Fresh, tasty and nutritional meals are served from our restaurant kitchen. Laundry and housekeeping services are also provided.

The Edney De Bruiyn Wellness Centre

Our wellness centre provides a hub for the village clinic, village outreach programme as well as wellness events and programmes, such as our foot spa afternoons and support groups for visually impaired residents, caregivers and those with Parkinson’s Disease.

Occupational Therapy Programme

Our in-house occupational therapist (OT) provides both group and individual sessions for our residents who need this type of specialised care.

The OT programme is designed to ensure that frail-care and village residents who have cognitive challenges receive meaningful and evidence-based cognitive stimulation activities. These include and are not limited to gardening, arts and crafts, games, music, baking and cooking.

The programme also provides support for residents who need post-operative rehabilitation. It also provides help to residents who have physical or coordination challenges associated with the performance of activities of daily living such as getting dressed and opening cans and jars.

Psycho-Social and Welfare Programme

Our social worker provides individual and group counselling, caregiver support and bereavement care. She also assists with grant and pension applications and administration as well as family liaison and pet registering.

Home Care Programme

Designed to allow residents to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, our home care programme provides individually tailored care at home. The programme is coordinated by a nursing sister and an administrative coordinator, ensuring that well trained and supervised caregivers are available and on duty for residents who need care at home.

Medical assistance

To ensure our residents get the medical care they need, we are contracted to an ambulance service to transport them to the required medical facility. For day-to-day medical care, Port Alfred offers a network of GPs.

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