The Village Inn

Take it easy at the Village Inn

The Village Inn is a new accommodation facility in Settlers Park Retirement Village.

Designed to provide an assisted living level of care while helping residents maintain their independence, the Village Inn provides a comfortable home-like setting and a sense of community, at an affordable monthly rate.

The accommodation

Built around a shared lounge, dining room and kitchen, each resident has their own private suite. Each suite has a comfortable bedroom/bedsit area, a private en-suite bathroom with some enjoying access to a private patio or courtyard.

The care

The Village team ensures that all our Village Inn residents’ needs are taken care of.

There is 24-hour in-house carer support to make sure your health and wellbeing are looked after.

The Village Inn Housekeeper takes care of all the cleaning and laundry.

All your meals are catered for by the Hibiscus Room Restaurant kitchen, ensuring nutritious and tasty food.

So that you can continue to enjoy your lifestyle in a care-free and cared-for way.

Ready to
enjoy your