House types at Settlers Park Retirement Village

A place to call home

To suit your unique lifestyle needs, we offer a range of modern free-standing and semi-detached homes that are pet-friendly.

We have 4 basic cottage layouts

Each home provides a unique interior design. We strive to keep our Cottages at highest standards. You have the option to specify and provide your own finishes on your purchase of your unique cottage.

The Park gardens are well-established and provide an idyllic setting for our homes.

At Settlers Park Retirement Village, cottages are made available through the Life-right model at market-related prices.

1 bedroom

2 bedrooms

2 bedrooms

2 bedrooms
En-suite & guest

Our cottages

Please note that the plans do not match the photos and illustrate baths instead of showers and that these photos below are merely illustrative.

1 Bedroom, en-suite

Varying in size from 45m2 (without a garage) to 90m2 (with a garage), our one-bedroom cottages provide easy living with an open plan living area, an en-suite bathroom, covered patio and enclosed courtyard.

2 Bedrooms, both en-suite

Our two bedroom homes offer comfortable accommodation with two en-suite bedrooms, a spacious open plan living area, covered patio and enclosed courtyard. The garage offers direct access to the home, which varies in size from 100m2 to 120m2.

2 Bedrooms, both en-suite and study

If you’d like to stretch out a little more or are a keen hobbyist, these homes could be ideal for you. Ranging from 123m2 to 212m2, you’ll find a large comfortable open plan living area, two en-suite bathrooms, a study, a covered patio and enclosed courtyard. The garage offers direct access to the home.

2 Bedrooms, one en-suite, guest bathroom and study

With two en-suite bedrooms, a closed-off study, a further separate bathroom, an open plan living area, covered patio and enclosed courtyard, our most spacious homes can accommodate every aspect of your lifestyle. They range from 123m2 to 212m2. The garage offers direct access to the home.

The Life-right model

With the Life-right model you are guaranteed lifetime occupation of your home, enjoying the same lifestyle you would when purchasing any other home. The advantage is that you pay no transfer duties or VAT.

Buying Life-rights in Settlers Park Retirement Village means that you have full right of occupation but the Association, of which you become a member, remains the owner of the property and is responsible for the management and structural maintenance of the home, all public use areas and amenities .

The Settlers Park Retirement Village Life-right prices are market-related.


Monthly levies help to ensure the upkeep of the Village, the homes and gardens, and include:

  • Building insurance – household contents is the resident’s responsibility
  • Structural Maintenance –  including the geyser. Labour is provided free of charge for all your interior household repairs.
  • Gardening –  All lawns and communal areas. A reasonably priced external garden service may be contracted for your own private garden

    Levies are calculated on the enclosed areas of the home, i.e. the square meterage under roof. A rates recovery fee, based on the amount levied by the municipality, is charged as a separate item.

    For security purposes and care services, telephones are compulsory. Telephone rental and all calls are charged separately on your account.

    Application process

    We’d love to welcome you to the Settlers Park Retirement Village.

    Please contact our Sales Manager to set up an appointment to discuss the Life-right model. And be given a tour of the Village so that you can select the home that is best suited to your needs.

    You will be required to complete the necessary application forms so that you can be added to our Life-right Buyers list. When a suitable home becomes available, we will notify you but rely on you to keep your details up to date.

    If the home is to your liking, you will need to sign an offer to purchase and make the necessary payment arrangements. You will also be required to pay any additional monies if you would like changes over and above the standard specifications.

    Applications may be expedited in cases of serious medical emergencies.

    Enquire now

    Please complete the form below and Sue Croukamp, our HOD for Sales and Marketing, will get in touch with you.