Prioritizing wellness in the winter months

Apr 16, 2024

Self-care strategies: prioritizing wellness in the winter months

As the chill of winter settles in, maintaining both physical and mental health becomes increasingly important, especially for seniors. At Settlers Park Retirement Village, we understand the significance of holistic well-being. Here are some practical tips to help you thrive during the winter months, taking advantage of our various amenities:

Utilize the Care Centre: The care centre serves as a vital resource for health maintenance. Schedule regular check-ups with our experienced medical staff to monitor your well-being. Don’t hesitate to seek medical advice for any concerns or symptoms that arise during the winter season.

Embrace Social Connections at Glen’s Den: Beat the winter blues by staying socially connected. Join activities and gatherings at Glen’s Den, our vibrant social centre. Engaging with fellow residents through games, classes, or simply sharing stories over a warm cup of tea can uplift your spirits and combat feelings of isolation.

Nourish Your Body at the Hibiscus Room: Proper nutrition is essential for immune function and overall health. Enjoy wholesome meals at the Hibiscus Room, our on-site restaurant. Opt for hearty soups, nutrient-rich vegetables, and warming teas to keep your body nourished and energized during the colder months.

Reconnect with Nature in the Secure Gardens: Despite the cooler weather, spending time outdoors remains beneficial. Take leisurely strolls or practice gentle exercises in our secure gardens. Fresh air and sunlight can boost mood, improve circulation, and alleviate symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

Get out and Explore: Make a point of visiting a part of Settlers Park Retirement Village you have not been to before or have not visited in a while. Examples include a stroll down to the deck at the dam, or a thoroughly good browse through the Trust Shop.

Stimulate Your Mind at the Library: Engage your mind and spark creativity by exploring the diverse collection of books and resources available at our library. Whether you prefer fiction, non-fiction, or puzzles, the library offers a tranquil space for mental stimulation and relaxation.

It’s essential to prioritize self-care practices tailored to your needs. Incorporate activities that bring you joy and relaxation, such as meditation, reading, hobbies, or creative pursuits. Remember to stay hydrated, get ample rest, and maintain a positive outlook on life. And reach out, if you need to, you are not alone.

“In every season, we remain committed to supporting our residents’ health and happiness with care and a sense of community. We are here for you.”
— Derek Thompson, General Manager

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