Security at Settlers

Nov 20, 2023

Enjoying your senior years with complete peace of mind.

Security is a big factor when deciding on a retirement village.

South Africa today is fraught with scary statistics surrounding crime. It is little wonder that security is now a major consideration for many senior citizens when deciding on a retirement village.
When considering your options, it is helpful to run through a checklist:

Personal Safety

As we age, we may become more vulnerable to certain safety concerns, such as falls or medical emergencies. A retirement village with security measures in place can provide peace of mind that help will be readily available in case of an emergency. An emergency buzzer linked to a care centre, and/or an ambulance service is advisable.

Property and Asset Protection

Having lived a good and long life, we often have valuable possessions and assets that need to be protected. A secure retirement community with fortified perimeter fencing and a manned access point can reduce the risk of theft or property damage.

A Feeling of Safety and Well-Being

Many seniors choose retirement villages because they offer a sense of community and companionship. A secure environment contributes to residents feeling safe and comfortable in their surroundings, which is essential for their overall well-being. Ask yourself a simple question: “Would I feel safe taking a stroll in the grounds on my own?”

Age-Related Vulnerabilities

Seniors are all too often more susceptible to scams or exploitation. A retirement community that prioritizes security can help protect residents from financial fraud and other forms of exploitation. Having a manned access point and fortified fencing means that the scammers are at least one step removed from ringing your doorbell.

Peace of Mind for Families

Families of seniors, especially grandchildren often appreciate knowing that their loved ones are in a safe and secure environment, especially if they are unable to visit regularly. This goes beyond burglar bars, security gates, panic buttons and alarms. Assess the level of kindness and care evident in the community when evaluating a prospective retirement destination. Safety in a community that allows freedom of movement is priceless.

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